What Others Say

Dr. Drake is the best chiro around! Not only is he very well educated in his field he also has a natural ability and gift for what he does. I’ve never felt better than I do now after seeing Dr. Drake.

by Lindsay B.

My weekly chiropractic adjustments are my little piece of heaven here on earth.

by Tracy B.

Excellent, passionate and genuine care is what you will find with Dr. Drake and his chiropractic services! Our family highly recommends infants to elderly to receive adjustments – there are so many benefits at all ages of life. Thank you Dr. Drake for all you do!!!

by Jessica F.

Dr. Drake makes me feel young again!!

by Phillip F.

Relief of pain and pressure. It has made my pregnancy much more comfortable than in the past.

by Jordan W.

It’s peace of mind, it’s my happy place, it’s where I go to ensure that no matter what is happening in my life I can deal with it in the best way because my body & mind are working together. When that happens my spirit is happy too!

by Veronica B.

This is a life-changing experience, full of pain free days. 

by LaPasha P.

Love, love, love Dr. Drake and Cassie!!!! My Back pain is getting better everyday, and I just feel better.

by Cyndi T.

I am able to sleep better and have reduced pain while driving.

by Jacob K.

Chiropractic care has relieved stress and I have experienced less pain. I feel restarted after an adjustment. The daily tips have helped me think about what I need to do better in all areas.

by Heather G.

Great level of friendly service with effective results!

by Cass F.

From the minute I walked in I felt comfortable and was greeted with warmth and smiles. I was a professional surfer and have received some of the best care available to athletes around the world. The system of care that they offer is not only thorough (addresses all aspects of your over-all health and well-being) but is straightforward and easily understood and documented. They not only took care of my ailment but continue to keep me feeling my best!

by Tripp B.

My adjustment is the time of the week that I feel my best.

by Myotzi J.

My adjustments have been life-changing! I have so much more energy! Thanks Dr. Drake!

by Betty H.

Very cool, transparent and respectable Dr.!I’m posting this helpful objective review, to correct the rogue ranting person who gave a bad review. Dr. Drake is a “Wellness Chiropractor” not your ordinary “pop your back for $40” and come back every year because the problem never truly was fixed Dr. He will methodically and of necessity get your bio to find out where you are health-wise to preform the adjustments to prevent further Subluxation. This is why an initial visit may cost a couple hundred dollars; this man isn’t a “crook” but truly wants you to be healthy for life; not just a “quick fix”. I understand those who don’t have the money to go to him and can only afford the “quick fix” doctors. Dr. Drake even recommended a great Chiropractor to meet my current financial status because I couldn’t afford this proper adjustment, which is incredibly honorable given he’s not going to get the business. With this review you can see what kind of heart Dr. Drake has: he’s there to help better you for life.

by Frankie F.

It allows me to keep doing my job at a peak performance level, both physically and mentally.

by JD J.

Chiropractic care from Dr. Drake is enabling me to be able to finally work and provide for my family and actually enjoy my life.

by John P.

My kids and I have been going for years. Never been disappointed.

by Susan B.

My adjustments make my workouts more enjoyable and pain free.

by Jason T.

I used to have debilitating back muscle spasms. Dr. Drake fixed that issue!

by David P.

It has been an opportunity to educate myself and learn how to live a healthier life.

by Tim B.