Pediatric Chiropractic

Why would my Child need a Chiropractor? Your baby is new to this world and her tiny little Nervous System is still developing and trying to adapt to her environment. That can be very stressful as you can imagine. That stress causes interference to her Nervous System and erodes her health. Only a Chiropractic Adjustment can remove the interference(which we call subluxation). The earlier that interference is detected and removed, the greater the potential for optimal health. A healthier Nervous Systems means less colic, ear infections, reflux, constipation, and so much more, maybe even quieter nights. Think about the stress on a baby. Even a perfect birth puts 60+ pounds of pressure on their head and neck. Then there’s gravity, light, air, sounds, smells, tastes and cold that are all brand new. And that just the first few minutes of life! Chiropractic Care for kids is very gentle and restorative. We have the technology to find and show hidden stress on their Nervous System so there is absolutely no guessing about your child’s health.