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Have you ever heard someone say “Regular headaches are part of my life, so I guess I have to put up with the pain”? Great news, that does not have to be the case.


Have you ever known anyone to suffer from chronic fatigue? Perhaps even relying on caffeine or energy drinks? People often spend years searching for a diagnosis, only to be given one of chronic fatigue syndrome, which essentially means chronically tired.

Immune System

Have you ever known anyone who constantly run down or sick? One thing you can be sure of, germs are not to blame.

Pregnancy and Breast Feeding

Have you ever known a woman to suffer through a difficult pregnancy, or to wonder how she can have a healthy one? What about a woman who wonders how her body can produce the healthiest breast milk?


Have you every know anyone who always seems to feel like a ball of stress? Stress has many symptoms, and causes all types of disease! Including some that my surprise you.


Have you ever known someone who suffers with insomnia? Sleep, when the body is not busy with awake things, is prime healing time. Without that, health is impossible. Can insomnia be helped? What causes it? What does this have to do with chiropractic?

Ear Infections

Have you ever known a baby or child to suffer from ear infections? Was the child prescribed antibiotics or given ear tube surgery?

Back and Hip Pain

“My low back and hip pain always makes it so hard for me to get things done!”RELIEVING news… you do NOT have to live that way!! Did you know there’s NO such thing as “normal” regular low back or hip pain?

Shoulder Problems

Do you or someone you know suffer from shoulder pain? Many people turn to pain-relievers. Problem solved, or is it? Is shoulder pain caused by being born with not enough medicine in the body?


Have you ever known a child who has been diagnosed with, or is suspected to have ADHD? Let’s kick things off with a quiz. True or false, ADHD and ADD are different conditions? They answer is false.