Functional Neurology

Did you know that most of the symptoms you experience are a result of a dysfunction? We know that the brain and spinal cord are the master control system of the body coordinating and controlling all function in the body. The nervous system’s number one job is to adapt to the physical, chemical and emotional stress that it experiences every day. When what you do to yourself, what you put in or on yourself and what you think become too much stress for your nervous system to adapt to, you get interference to your nervous system. That interference creates the dysfunction  and it’s what leads to your symptoms. We use a computerized technology in our office that is designed to locate where the stress is and how severe it is, even if it’s hidden without symptoms. This assessment allows us to see the overall efficiency and function of your nervous system. Chiropractic adjustments remove this stress and improve nerve function allowing the body to heal and adapt so that it can stay truly healthy.