How do you know if you have hidden stress on your nervous system that’s slowly eroding away at your health? If you could find out, would you want to know so you can take action now? The CoreScore can show you exactly how well your nervous system is functioning. It gives you a grade based on a scale of 0-100. The grade is based on three computerized nerve scans performed on the Insight Subluxation Station. Each scan identifies where stress is on the nervous system and how severe it is. The first scan is called a Heart Rate Variability or HRV and it shows how well you body adapts to physical, chemical and emotional stress. The second scan is a Rolling Thermal Scan showing us nerve to organs and glands and how well those systems are functioning. The final scan is a surface EMG and it measures nerve to muscle and how well they are performing. The CoreScore helps identify what kind of treatment will be required to turn the direction of your health around so you can begin to grow your health.