About Us

A chiropractor located in Owasso, OK, Dr. Jason Drake of Innate Family Chiropractic (formerly Drake Chiropractic) is dedicated to helping you regain your health and achieving your wellness goals in order to improve your quality of life and quality of health so you can be healthier tomorrow than you are today. Dr. Jason Drake combines skill and expertise that spans the entire chiropractic wellness spectrum in order to grow your health by unleashing the innate power within you through the chiropractic adjustment so you can overcome the stresses you face daily. Dr. Jason Drake is committed to bringing you better health by teaching and practicing the true principles of chiropractic wellness.

Patients seeking care at Innate Family Chiropractic are assured of receiving only the finest quality of care as well as efficient and first-class service. Dr. Jason Drake operates a first-class facility with state-of-the-art computerized technology all focused on patient care and enlightenment.

Dr. Jason Drake and the staff at Innate Family Chiropractic have a genuine concern for your family’s well-being and our mission is that every man, woman and child be checked for subluxation, adjusted as necessary and learns to live a chiropractic wellness lifestyle.

About Dr. Drake

Meet the best Chiropractor in Owasso! After graduating from Owasso High School in 1994, Dr. Jason Drake went to Norman, OK to attend the University of Oklahoma and earned his BS in Science Education. Dr. Drake then earned his Doctor of Chiropractic degree in Kansas City from Cleveland Chiropractic College in 2006.

He moved back home to Owasso, OK after school to open his practice and to serve the community he loves. Shortly after opening his office, he met the love of his life, Cassie, and a few years later were married on Indian Rocks Beach, Florida. In April of 2016, they became the proud parents of their boy, Denver Drake, forever changing their chiropractic practice and lives.

Dr. Drake is an avid supporter of his community through the many boards and committees he serves. His commitment is to help direct the City of Owasso and its Chamber to create sustainable and responsible growth at the same time creating a happy and healthy community for its people and businesses alike.

Dr. Jason Drake enjoys spending time with his family and going to the lake, the beach and the mountains. He loves to boat, golf, water ski, hunt, shoot, hike, and scuba dive. Dr. Drake also loves spending time in his vegetable garden and taking care of his plants. He has a real green thumb.

Dr. Drake also loves chiropractic. Every chance he gets, he will travel the nation to educate himself in all the newest techniques, equipment, and philosophies the profession has to offer. He loves to celebrate chiropractic and spend time with his fellow chiropractors including his cousin and father-in-law.

About Cassie

Cassie Drake, an Oklahoma City native, graduated from Putnam City High School in 2002. She then attended Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, OK and earned a BS in Graphic Design in 2006.

Cassie grew up in a chiropractic family. Her father is the 12th in her family to be a chiropractor. She often joked with him that she did not want to be a chiropractor, but that she would marry one. She took a job in Tulsa as graphic designer shortly after graduation. It was in Tulsa that Dr. Drake and Cassie met through one of her college friends that happened to be his first assistant. He was the tall handsome chiropractor she only dreamed (and joked) about finding. They fell in love and they were married just a few years later.

Cassie moved to Owasso and continued her career in design until she gave birth to their son, Denver. She left her job to stay home with her son while continuing to design as a freelancer.

Cassie then put her passion for chiropractic to use at Drake Chiropractic as an assistant to Dr. Drake and manager of the office. She put her expertise to good work to change the look and feel of the practice and ultimately rebranding the clinic to Innate Family Chiropractic. Her mother is the office manager at her father’s practice which has provided Cassie years of wisdom in managing a chiropractic office.

Cassie loves to water ski, boat, travel, scuba dive and spend time with friends and family. She also enjoys traveling with Dr. Drake to chiropractic conferences to learn more about helping their patients and running a successful business.

Cassie’s favorite part of practice is taking care of families in the office. She loves to hold the babies and play with the kids to keep them entertained so everyone in the family can enjoy their adjustments. Cassie makes all of their families feel welcome and cared for as well as teaching moms about living a wellness lifestyle and raising an organic child in a conventional world.